Waste trucks monitoring


Wenk system helps cleaning companies andmunicipalities to track the garbage transporting and collecting trucks and the rest of the service mechanisms and to make sure they provide good service to the citizens and do their jobs properly. It is also possible to add the locations of the garbage pivots, discharge places, and the mainlandfilling on the map;besides issuing various reports about the number of times and duration of stops of the trucks.

The most important benefits of the system

  1. Live tracking of the truck. Identifying the location, direction, speed, and the operational status of the garbage compressor of the truck.Calculating the amount of fuel used. Also, displaying data on the map
  2. Giving full information about the previous paths of the trucks, the amount of kilometers driven, speed, the places and times for stopping, and other warnings.
  3. Giving full report about the amount of fuel consumed during the drive, the times and places of refuel and siphon from the truck tank and their cost in IQD.
  4. You can specify certain paths and places for each truck and you will get a notification whenever the tank gets into or out of the specified places
  5. Adding the locations of garbage collecting (garbage pivots) and discharge areas (central landfill) on the map; besides giving full report about the number of times, time, and duration of the truck stop.
  6. Giving full report about the delay and hanging out of the drivers during worktimes, or using the trucks for personal purposes at other times.