Passenger buses monitoring


Wenk system helps tourism and passengers transfercompanies to track their own buses and make sure they do not deviate from the specified paths or stop at places other than the ones specified for them. Moreover, they can ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers through maintaining the speed of the bus, making sure nobody walk while the door is opened, and the continuous operation of the air conditioner.


The most important benefits of the system

  1. Live tracking of the bus. Identifying the location, direction, speed, the operational status of the air conditioner, and the amount of fuel in the tank. Also, displaying data on the map.
  2. Giving full information about the previous paths of the trucks, the amount of kilometers driven, speed, the places and times for stopping, and other warnings.
  3. You can specify certain paths and places for each bus and you will get a notification whenever the bus gets into or out of the specified places or exceed the speed limits.
  4. Adding the locations of the passengers’ gathering on the map; besides giving full report about the number of times, times and periods where the bus stops.
  5. Giving full report about the delay and hanging out of the drivers during worktimes, or using the buses for personal purposes at other times.