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    WenkGPS Apps For Google Play & Apple Store

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Welcome Dear Visitor …

Hello dear visitor in the official website of the system Wenk to track professional and private vehicles and people, you can through the site to identify the technical details of the system and look at the most important features and diverse uses. You can also find out who the most prominent of our customers and to contact us and request joining the service and set a date of installation as soon as possible either you were a member. You can access the system by using your access code which

Wenk the first system in Iraq

Wenk is a sophisticated and a wonderful system designed to track vehicles or professional people live moment by moment, or select the previous tracks, places and periods of downtime on a map as well as many other advantages. It works on the system (GPS) to determine the global geographical location by satellite.

It helps organizations and companies:

– Lower operating costs – improved productivity
– Speed of delivery of services
– Isolate the human factor for the monitoring process
– Increased safety

Our News & Events

Wenk for vehicle tracking

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Wenk to track individuals

Wenk works on tracking individuals and determine their whereabouts. In case they leave the place ...+ | More Details

Wenk to track containers and goods

Wenk works on tracking the containers and cargo while they are being transferred from one ...+ | More Details

Some of Wenk Customers